PEFC Certified Wood Flooring

PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification) is the world's largest forest certification system and is internationally recognised benchmark in sustainability.  As a top quality wood flooring manufacturer, we take ethical management of forests extremely seriously.  We want you to be assured that when your buy flooring from us, that material has been stringently checked and responsibly sourced; to keep this information up to date we have annual audits to ensure accuracy and compliance.

You can check our PEFC Certification here or by searching Our certificate number: CATG-PEFC-400-AT at:

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Sustainable Forest Management means the environmentally appropriate, economically viable and socially beneficial management for present and future generations.  As scientific and ecological changes occur this certification system adapts and evolves to enable effective measures in maintaining our eco-system.   PEFC is known for setting robust but realistic criteria for it's forests and members.  This diverse and adaptive model of certification gives PEFC the ability to avoid homogeneity and straight-jacketing into "one standard fits all".

For more information on PEFC please visit, for FSC certified information, please visit our specialist page: FSC Certified Wood Flooring. 

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