Pre-finished Flooring

We offer five types of pre-finished boards in our wood flooring range.

These are:

  • Lacquered
  • UV Oiled
  • Natural Oiled
  • Hard Wax Oiled
  • Colour Oiled
  • Raw Timber Oiled

This page gives you more insight into how we finish our range of pre-finished wood floors and the benefits of each method.  It is important to remember, that no one type of finish is superior to another, each finish has it's own advantages and disadvantages.  Decerning what finish is best for you or your project is one of many benefits from choosing us as your wood flooring supplier as our experts can help you select the perfect board.

Lacquered Wood Flooring:

We have an extensive range of lacquered wood floors.  We're confident that our range is unique as we don't use cheap lacquers that easy scratch or flake or even turn to a white powder over time.  We use a complex top quality system with Bona lacquer products.  This gives you peace of mind that a lacquered floor supplied by us will have an industrial strength finish, doesn't easily scratch or mark and can be cleaned and maintained will ease.  Perfect for busy environments.

We apply nine coats to our lacquered floor boards.  The process is as follows and for clarification the product codes have also been quoted:

1. One coat of UV Primer UW0310 this gives good adhesion and is cured using IR drying Lamps
2. Three coats of UV curing light filler UL0115 giving high abrasion resistance
3. One coat of UV Base coat (anti-scratch) UB0135 cured with a UV lamp
4. One coat of Bona Natural base coat UB8128 cured with a UV lamp
5. One coat of UV Base coat UB0123 cured with a UV lamp
6. Two coats of Bona Natural Top coats UT8098 cured with Mercury lamps and this top coat has a high resistance to scratching due to its industrial strength. This finish is harder wearing than Bona Traffic and will last longer and is more scratch resistant.

UV Oiled Wood Flooring:

Our collection of UV Oiled wood floors are extremely hardwearing.  They also repel water and have a consistent luxurious finish.  We use Blanchon oils due to the quality of the product.

A UV Oiled board is made by curing the oiled boards under UV lamps, allowing the oil to sit more on top of the wood in a similar way to a lacquer sealing the wood.  Despite sitting on top of the wood, UV Oiled does not fill-in the texture of the wood making it smooth, you still can feel the grain, giving you the best of both worlds.  Cleaning and maintaining UV Oiled wood floors is remarkably easy to do.  For more information see our guide: How to Care for your Oiled Wood Floor.

Natural Oiled Wood Flooring:

Complementing our wood floor range are Natural Oiled boards.  These boards have been finished with several coats of Blanchon Solid'Oils. The oils are allowed to cure into the wood, giving a deep penetration which enables water replusion and a beautiful finish.  This traditional style of wood flooring can be further enhanced once it's been fitted on site by applying Blanchon Solid'Oil.  Solid'Oil is a re-finishing oil made from plant extracts, applying coats of this oil to your floor allows you to control the depth of colour and lustre of your floor.

Hard Wax Oil Wood Flooring:

We're expanding our range of Hard Wax Oiled floor boards.  Our latest Black American Walnut floors have Hard Wax Oil finishes.  Hard Wax Oil offers a high quality finish with increased protection against spillages compared with natural oils.  The cleaning and maintenance of Hard Wax Oiled floors is the same as our other oiled boards which is quick and easy.

Colour Oiled Wood Flooring:

Working with Blanchon, we now have a range of wood floors that have been finished with coloured oils for truly unique floors.

Raw Timber Oiled Wood Flooring:

Raw Timber is one of our latest joint developments with Blanchon.  More and more people today want their wood flooring to look 'unfinished', this is normally extremely difficult to accomplish as any oil or lacquer darkens the wood.  After much research and development we created Raw Timber Oil.  Raw Timber gives you a remarkably strong finish that resists water and other spillages, it's easy to clean and requires very little maintenance.  It's best feature, it does not change the colour of the natural wood!  Also over time Raw Timber inhibits the yellowing and darkening ageing process that most woods undergo giving you a consistent finish for the life of the floor when properly cared for.

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