UV Oil Finishes

The UV Oiled process for finishing engineered wood flooring uses the same finishing line as a lacquered floor. However UV oiled finishes are in fact like a lacquer but with a much deeper mat finish and look. Normally three coats are applied, all cured by UV lights which can be seen below.

Cleaning of these floors should be the same as for an oiled floor and we always recommend Blanchon Natural Soap, which is a ph neutral cleaner using warm water and a squeezy mop to ensure no excess water is left on the surface of the wood.

You can see part of the finishing line here. For the UV Oil process we only use three of the stations where the base coat, protective coat and top coat are applied. This is done on one process with UV and heat lamps curing the finish to our high quality requirements.

UV Oil coating machine

This picture shows two of the stations where the coating is applied using rollers. At the end of the line the boards will be fully sealed and cured and will then be inspected and packed into our sealed cartons. We always have a QC checking the process all the way through form start to finish.