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We are open for business as usual (although there here is nothing usual about this situation) with our transport company (Brooks Transport) who are designated by the government as critical to the covid response. We are still delivering direct to door or site, (however collections or visits to the warehouse are not possible.) Our IT systems allow us to work from home so our staff are protected. Please Call or Email Us for samples or orders. Our factories are back to full capacity and the supply chain is operating effectively which can be seen here. As a trade supplier we have a minimum requirement of 50m2 for any samples and supplies. Please call 01666 504015 if you require less. For Government advice please click here. Even with these steps we have made, we must pull together, support one another, and get through this as a group, a family, and feel proud to say to our wider community we are critical to the Covid-19 response, and we will support it for as long as we are able. Stay safe, stay well, look after yourself, and each other.

The Building Centre will be open fully with the café back and exhibitions in place from Monday 12th April 2021. In the meantime, you can book visits in advance by contacting The Building Centre directly on 020 7692 4000. Please note that we do not have any representatives based at this showroom, but you can call us during your visit to talk through the options on display on 01666 504 015.

The Tetbury showroom is strictly by appointment only, maximum of two people with social distancing and face coverings required. Please call 01666 504 015 to book an appointment.

Video Library

“How to” Videos on our wood flooring are here to help you. We will be adding more over time and if you have particular questions or advice please let us know. For further advice and help please call us.

For videos on the luxury Impervia Flooring please click here



Invisible UV Oil Finishing Line

This video shows our TW-E723 on the final run of the finishing line. We've applied our 'Invisible' commercial grade UV oil which keeps the Oak looking untreated and in its raw state, yet delivers a hardwearing finish suitable for commercial and domestic fit-outs.

How To Fit Impervia Into A Doorway

Basket Weave Wood Flooring Installed At Hampton Court Pavilion

The Solid Wood Flooring Company had the pleasure to supply our Basket Weave Flooring to the Hampton Court Pavilion. Order FREE samples today or contact our expert team for advice!

The flooring used:
Basket Weave Patterns | TW E966 & TW E966 SQ
Select Grade Natural White Oak Flooring Unfinished | E150UF
Select Grade Wide White Oak Flooring Unfinished | E157UF

BIID Industry Partner – Quickfire Series 2021

The Solid Wood Flooring Company is fully committed to protecting our forests & planet. We've made it our policy to only source wood from well managed, sustainable forests. We are FSC & PEFC certified and partnered with Gone West to plant sustainable forests in England. If you'd like to learn more about our sustainability efforts click here

Herringbone Basket Weave Wood Floor in Luxury Home

Herringbone Flooring Case Study

Chevron Flooring Production Line

For more information please click here

Finishing Wood Flooring with UV Oil on a Production Line

For more information please click here


How to Clean Oiled & UV Oiled Wood Floors

This video will give you a quick guide on how to clean Oiled & UV Oiled Floors. We recommend using the Superdry Plus Mop and Blanchon Natural White Soap to effectively clean Oiled & UV Oiled Floors, You can purchase these as part of our Professional Oiled & UV Oiled Wood Floor Cleaning Kit here


How to Clean Lacquered Wood Flooring

This video will give you a quick guide on how to clean Lacquered Wood Flooring. We recommend using the Microfibre Flat Mop and Blanchon Lagoon Spray for quick and convenient cleaning of your lacquered wood floor, You can purchase these as part of our Professional Lacquered Wood Floor Cleaning Kit here


How to Conveniently Deep Clean Wood Flooring For Lacquered Floors only

This video will show you the safest, quickest and easiest way to deep clean your wood floor suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Also guide you through how to lift and remove all marks and any dirt on your wood flooring. Use the Bona Deep Clean Solution with the Bona Power Scrubber.


How to Easily Clean Wood Flooring For Lacquered Floors only

This video will give you a quick guide on how to keep your wood floor clean. We recommend using the Bona Spray Mop for quickly and conveniently cleaning your lacquered wood floor, visit our site for more info. The Bona Spray Mop can be purchased here


Caring for Wood Flooring with Bona For Lacquered Floors only

We use Bona products to finish a number of our wood floors and recommend Bona for ongoing care and maintenance. For more information please call us on 01666 504015.


How to Apply Flooring Adhesive without over application

Here we see how to apply our SW-890 Flooring Adhesive to a concrete screed in a controlled method. Use a 3mm notched trowel to apply the adhesive thinly. By only applying one-boards width of adhesive at a time you can easily manage the fit. Benefits include being able to get close to the board you are fitting, reduced mess, easily finish a row without getting adhesive on top of the board or concerns for large amounts of trowelled adhesive setting before the boards are fitted.


How to Apply Natural Oil to Wood Flooring

This video shows natural wood oils being applied to unfinished parquet panels with a walnut border. By using a short haired roller and a telescopic pole we could reach difficult areas in this project. Please note that this method of application is suitable for natural oils and the Blanchon Environment range of oils. It is not suitable for Hard Wax Oil products due to the amount of product that is applied.


How to Buff Wood Flooring

Buffing oils into wood flooring is an essential part of the application process on most finishes. This video shows an orbital buffing machine with a white buffing pad to work in the excess oil following application. Buffing helps to heat the floor, opening the grain of the wood for deeper oil penetration. It also enables you to move excess deposit of oil around the floor area insuring an even finish with a gentle sheen.

Tip – To increase the sheen on your floor buff it again in the same way about 6-8hrs after the first buff. This will catch any ‘bleed-back’ from a well-oiled floor and polish the surface.


How to Fine Sand a Parquet Floor after filling

When fitting unfinished and square edged flooring (predominately parquet but can apply to straight floorboards) you’ll likely need to fill in any small gaps between the boards. Our video “How to Use Filler” shows the application method. Here we see that the filler has dried and now needs gently sanding back to remove the excess. Use 120grit sand paper, here we’ve using the orbital buffing/sanding machine but this can be done by hand (make sure you always sand in the direction of the wood grain). Gently run over the surface in multiple sweeps until you’ve removed the excess filler from the surface.


How to Fit Wood Flooring When Fully Bonding

Fully bonding (gluing) wood flooring to the subfloor is usually the best method of installation. This video shows two fitters working together for a quick and professional fit of a walnut floorboard. With one person applying the adhesive at one-boards width at a time the other person can then follow behind and slot the floorboard into place.

Tip: Usually the weight of the floorboards is sufficient to ensure a good bond. However, if you are concerned (maybe due to a slightly uneven subfloor) you can use weights to press the boards down (for example we used unopened tubs of SW-890 flooring adhesive here).


How to mark your subfloor for glue lines

As discussed in our videos “How to Apply Flooring Adhesive without over application” and “How to fit wood flooring when fully bonding” we show that best practise is to only apply one boards-width of adhesive at a time. This video shows how to use a cost-effective ‘Chalk Line Tool’ to mark out on your subfloor the board spacing so you don’t over-apply the glue.

You can also use this tool to mark out areas where boards change direction or any other design you may be using.


How to Remove High Sports on Unfinished Wood Flooring

You should always sand an unfinished floor once fitted before applying the oil to even the surface. You may find that there are pronounced high spots in some areas on the join between boards. This is normal and usually down to subfloor, glue and manufacturing tolerances. To remove them you can work a sander gently along the join to even out the high spot. Here we use an orbital machine, you could do this by hand but it would take a lot of effort. Do not use a belt sander.

When sanding always work your way up the grit grades i.e. 80g to start, 100g to even and 120g to finish. These grades will usually be sufficient to achieve the required results. You can always attempt to try with 120g first and see if it will be sufficient and make the judgement call from there. Always finish on 120g as this is generally the optimal grit for applying oils.


How to Sand an Unfinished Wood Floor after Fitting

When fitting unfinished wood flooring you’ll need to sand the floor post fit to clean the boards back and remove any high spots between boards to a smooth even join. This video shows us using an orbital buffing machine with a sander attachment to accomplish this. Depending on the amount of height deviation between the joints you may need to use coarser sanding paper – just be careful of going too rough as you can quickly remove excessive amounts with low grade sandpaper.

When sanding always work your way up the grit grades i.e. 80g to start, 100g to even and 120g to finish. These grades will usually be sufficient to achieve the required results. You can always attempt to try with 100g first and see if it will be sufficient and make the judgement call from there. Always finish on 120g as this is generally the optimal grit for applying oils.

Tip: If you have an antiqued/handscraped wood floor be very careful sand sanding as you may inadvertently sand the handscraped effect off. In this situation if an all-over sand is required just use 120g sand paper and quickly sweep the sander over the floor to minimise effect whilst still cleaning any adhesive spots etc… Do not use a belt sander.


How to Use Wood Filler

When fitting unfinished flooring, especially parquet flooring you will likely find some small gaps between the boards, this is quite normal and can be easily rectified. The easiest and most cost-effect method is to gently sand the floor first and collect the fine sawdust from the sanding. You can then mix the sawdust with a good quality PVA glue (make sure the glue dries clear like the Sika one we supply). You want a consistency similar to pliable putty. Only make a small amount at a time as the glue will likely harden in 20mins. Use a flat blade to fill the gap; do your best to minimise over spill and leave to dry, continue to work around the room. Then see our video “How to fine sand a parquet floor after filling”.


How to Vacuum Wood Flooring After Fitting

It is important to regularly remove fitting and building debris from a wood floor, especially before cleaning with Blanchon Natural Soap. To do this use the soft brush attachment or setting on your vacuum cleaner. Always vacuum in the direction of the wood grain. Be sure to vacuum the floor thoroughly as any debris left could cause damage to the floor during cleaning. Do not use vacuum machines where there is a guide or “bridge” under the brushes as this can leave marks.


Affects of Moisture on Wood


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