Slip Resistance, Grading & Type Testing

In conjunction with Bona we have developed the highest slip resistant lacquered wood flooring in the UK market. 42 PTV in wet conditions, this is a factory finished product that will have a longer life than any on site application.

The finish has been used in a large number of restaurants and hotels and you can get a copy of the certificate to give to any local authority planning officer. You can be sure that this will meet their requirements and pass any extra stringent building regulations they may apply.

You will find most local authorities now will require the highest slip resistant possible and they have a requirement of a PTV value of 40 in the wet. Health and safety is now a major issue in any commercial environment and we have the highest PTV value in the wet rating on our wood floors.

For more information on grading and type testing please see our technical centre on type testing here.

There are other slip resistance flooring certificates for our various finished in the links below as we continually develop the latest finishes:

This floor has the highest slip resistance of any timber flooring with 45 PTV in the wet and 60 in the dry.

For more information on our certificates and other technical information please go here: Technical Library

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