Wood Flooring Grading and Type Test Results

Wood Flooring Grading and Type Test Results

Wood Flooring Grading and Type Test Results

Wood Flooring type test results including fire rating, slip tests, moisture content, load bearing breaking strength, and others as listed below. These are European tests which also satisfy the BS standards as well and can be compared. The chart below shows our general grading standard for all our oak wood flooring. This can be downloaded and copied and pasted to add to any specification you require.

The results below are product type testing results for our Amethyst, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire Ranges of Wood Flooring. These have been carried out by the Timber Research and Development Institute Praha Notified Body No 1393 to EEC standards and for the slip test to BS7967 and were carried out by SATRA a UCAS accredited testing institute.

When specifying our wood flooring you should state that any substituted wood flooring should conform to the same stringent requirements to ensure that inferior products are not supplied which could compromise the integrity of the installation.

Please click here for more information in our Wood Floor Grading System  

screenshot of oak flooring specification

Please also see this Grading Document for our Premium European Oak Range

Select Grade Oak example Mixed Grade Oak example Rustic Country grade example

Select Grade European Oak                 Mixed Grade European Oak             Rustic Grade European Oak

Essential Characteristics with EN or BS standard testing method

  • Moisture Content: EN 13183-1 Result = 7 %
  • Width permitted deviation: EN 13647 Result -0.01mm
  • Reaction to Fire: EN 13501-1 Result Dn-s1
  • Release of Formaldehyde: EN 717-1 Result 0.014 mg/m3
  • Breaking Strength: EN1533 Result 22.7 kN
  • Slipperiness: CEN/TS 15676 Result USRV 58
  • Thermal Conductivity: EN ISO 10456 and EN ISO 12664 Result 0.15 W/(mk)
  • Load Bearing: complies with BS 6399-1:1996 Table 1 section 3 for load bearing

Slip test using the pendulum testers method BS7967 part 2 classification the slip resistance group guidelines Slip Potential (PTV) values are as follows:

High slip potential 0 - 24 Moderate slip potential 25 - 35 Low slip potential 36+

As can be seen from the results below of our type tested products our floors have very low slip potential.

Type of Board:

Natural Oiled Wood Flooring Oak Dry overall slip measurement 66
Wet (water) slip measurement 29

Lacquered Wood Flooring Dry overall slip measurement 61
Wet (water) slip measurement 29

Brushed and UV Oiled Wood Flooring Dry overall slip measurement 64
Wet (water) slip measurement 29

You can see our actual testing certificates by clicking the links below:

For more detailed health and safety information on slip tests click this link for more information.

All you then need to do is to include the product code which will define the size, finish colour and construction. You can access the Architects full Specification document for full details of each product that you can copy and paste. There are also our other tests and these are listed here. We do not use any Pentachlorophenol containing materials and download versions of everything on this page are in the links below:

Please also see this Grading Document for our Premium European Oak Range

Download Wood floor grading system
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