Retrofitting; laying a new route to the future of modern designs

Posted By Solidwood Company

Retrofitting or RetroFirst, as it is referred by Architects Journal, is repurposing a new building within an existing shell. Retrofitting is a new approach to recycling design which is helping reduce a company’s carbon footprint as well as a number of other amazing benefits.

This incredible method of repurposing unused buildings requires modifications by designing a more energy efficient building and decreasing the overall buildings demand on energy. With these incredible environmental benefits; retrofitting also helps reduce the overall cost of the project and saving time.

The expertly created Impervia® range has had tremendous success in being incorporated within designs for retrofitted projects previously. Some of these projects have included redesigned commercial buildings and residential spaces. 

One of these example projects where Impervia® flooring had been used, has been with Dandi Living; who changed York House office complex into residential apartments. This 14-story office block was redesigned to accommodate 360 apartments with hardware flooring. The inclusion of the Impervia®  luxury flooring range, which has 1.5mm acoustic backing producing an impressive impact sound reduction, will reduce the amount of sound being heard across the different apartments.

Impervia’s® range offers a number of different benefits to properties such as these, especially in residential spaces were reduction in sound is key to keeping occupants happy. They also are dent proof, waterproof and fireproof to name but a few. The Impervia® range offers a number of varying different styles to suit all types designs; enhancing any space to create the perfect interior. 

There are so many reasons why retrofitting is the way forward in improving the building industry’s impact on the environment. Not only does this help recycle and reuse buildings deemed unfit for purpose but also has huge benefits to saving time, and costings. It brings the expansion and innovation of creating new ideas by creating solutions to improving these older buildings into those effective energy saving structure.

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