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Cladding Stairs in Engineered Herringbone Parquet Flooring

  • Project - Cladding stairs with herringbone engineered parquet wood flooring in a residential area

Few people realise that it is possible to clad old stairs with our engineered herringbone parquet floors. It is a specialist skill and you should only employ trusted professionals who have the specialist equipment.

The skill in cladding stairs with small blocks rather than planks can be seen in the images below.

Herringbone Parquet Stairs 

The parquet blocks used here are unfinished so that you get perfect square edges. They are then oiled after all other works are completed so that you get your perfect floor.

In the image below you can see the intricate cuts that need to be made where there are corners. The fitters also clad the steps so that there was no break in the floor or ugly joins.

There is no separate stair nose piece as the top layer of solid Oak is a good 4mm thick and this allows the fitters to create an accurate mitre join. You can only do this with unfinished herringbone parquet as it will then have a light sand and finish. 


Stars Herringbone Parquet

You can create any coloured floor you want from white to black and grey. Blanchon are continually increasing their range of coloured solid oils and they are easy to apply. Our accredited fitters are able to do this for you. 

The reason the crown line on the image to the left is off centre is due to the corridor’s and other rooms.

Once set, the adhesive on the crown line is allowed to cure and harden over 24 hours. This means that the rest of the installation will then follow perfectly without any gaps.

 Door Thresholds


The image above shows how you can continue your herringbone floor from bedrooms, to stairs to living rooms if you have square edge unfinished herringbone blocks.

You can even use different coloured oils in different rooms to match your decor. For example, white oil in bedrooms and darker oils or greys, downstairs.

With professional fitters and their specialist tools you can create your perfect wood floor.


Product Code TW-E952
Unfinished Quarter Sawn Parquet Flooring 15mm thick
Unfinished Quarter Sawn Parquet Flooring