Impervia Luxury Flooring Mock Up Stands for 1,120 homes

Project Details

Project: Large development in North West London

Finishing Completed by: Impervia Flooring

Due to budget and reduction in costs requirements Impervia was tested on the mock up units for a large development in north west London. The herringbone and plank are at least 50% less than normal engineered wood flooring. The 30 year residential warranty and a fixing cost of less than £15 per m2 for planks means that large development projects can come in under budget and with a floor that can be easily moved or replaced.

Mock ups of Impervia

For Impervia Luxury Flooring you only need a flat subfloor and the simple push fit system using the latest Valinge 5Gi system means any board can be refitted. Even the herringbone can be fitted, taken up and fitted again.

Multiple Mock Ups of Impervia

We have a great selection of colours in a textured finish that has a ceramic finish and is extremely durable.

Impervia Flooring

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