Meeting Budgetary Requirements

Helping You Meet Budgetary Requirements

Helping You Meet Budgetary Requirements

flowchart showing steps to meeting budgetsAs manufacturers, we are more able to help you meet the requirements of your projects budget than most other wood flooring suppliers.  With over ten years in the industry we've worked closely with many Architects, Designers and Contractors on hundreds of projects around the world.  The knowledge and expertise we've acquired throughout this time has enabled us to work smarter, not harder and through careful planning and intelligent manufacturing processes we can significantly cut costs which helps you save money.

Large Volumes of Stock:

We warehouse large amounts of stock of our most popular wood floors.  Items in stock can generally be delivered within three working days to most of mainland U.K helping you work within time constraints.  Another benefit is that in cases where additional flooring is required you can rest assured we can deliver to site quickly saving you money on delaying progress and work on site.

Pre-Finished Wood Flooring:

We have a vast range of pre-finished hard wood floors available in stock that can be delivered to site quickly, or if you're specifiying for a large area (500m2+) we can specially manufacture a pre-finished floor for you (please read on for more details).  The benefit with pre-finished flooring is that the wood is delivered ready to lay on site (excluding sites where under floor heating is being used - please see our Under Floor Heating Advice under section "Acclaimatisation of Wooden Flooring").  These boards will already of been finished with a high quality oil or industrial strength lacquer depending on your requirements, saving you time and money on site by not needed professional floor finishers and finishing products.  A further benefit is that by not having to wait for curing times, the floor can be put into use almost immediately (please allow at least 24hrs for fully bonded floors).  Allowing other trades or cleaning teams access to the area more quickly.

Range of Top Layer Thickesses:

We offer hard wood top layers on our engineered boards of 3mm, 4mm or 6mm.  This allows you the freedom to work within budget as in short the thinner the top layer the lower your cost.  Choosing a thinner top layer does not mean a reduction in quality, we still work to our exacting standards.  This a subtle and once fitted completely undectable method of reducing the cost of your flooring.

Range of Base Layer Construction Types:

There are three main types of construction with engineered flooring.  The first is a Cross Ply construction (pictured to the right).  Cross Ply gives you the most stable base for your top layer, suitable for use with under floor heating, a good quality backing will last a lifetime.  The second is sandwich construction with opposite grain.  This method generally uses oak as a top, middle and bottom layer, the grains will run opposite each other to minimise movement, this is a cost effective method compared to the cross ply and still gives a hardwearing base.  The third method is another form of sandwich contruction, this time using poplar as the middle layer.  Poplar is a low cost material that still delivers a more than suitable base layer.  Because of the reduced costs in the materials used, the end cost to yourself is reduced.  Each of the construction types discussed here are suitable with under floor heating.  Please see the images below for examples of these construction types and take a look at our info page that discusses Solid vs Engineered Flooring.

Choice of Board Thicknesses:

To further help you select the perfect solution for your wood flooring we offer engineered flooring in 15 or 20mm thicknesses.  20mm thick boards are classed as structural boards and can therefore be fitted over joists spaced up to 400 centers. 15mm thick boards are ideal for keeping costs down, though they must be fitted over a solid subfloor such as screed, ply etc... (for more information please see our info page: Suitable Subfloors); again following the rule that less material costs less, a 15mm board from us will give you a secure floor with a high quality hard wood top layer at a lower price than a 20mm board.  

Top Wood Flooring:

Considering the points discussed on this page, we've introduced a range of stocked flooring that utilises all the smart manufacturing process mentioned and maintains our high quality and ethically sourced standards.  We call this range Top Wood, to view the products please follow: Top Wood Flooring.

Laminate Flooring:

Furthering our resources we've launched a range of laminate floors.  These boast an AC4 wear layer making them extremely hardwearing and suitable for use in commercial properties.  The pattern on the laminates is taken directly from our real oak flooring, this means to get a the effect of a real wood with a pattern that doesn't repeat as often as other products at the same price range.  See our laminate flooring range here.  

Bespoke Flooring:

As manufacturers we can produce high quality wood flooring according to your specification.  We can deal with extremely high volumes of orders (see Supply Chain Management).  Using the manufacturing techniques discussed in this article we can help you to work within your budget requirements.


We're here to help, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and experience.  If you need to specifiy a product or are looking to save costs on a currently specified product (even if it isn't one of ours) please call us to discuss the options on 01666 504 015 or email: 

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