New Developments in Wall Panels and End-Grain


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We are proud to release to the market our newest concept to further enhance our sustainability credentials, reducing wastage and upcycling previously unused cuts from our Oak trees. By using discarded branches and other off-cuts, we can create bespoke, handmade wall panels completely unique in character and design. 

Each panel is 15mm thick with a 2mm End-Grain top layer, making it more stable and limiting any splitting. Splitting is a common characteristic of End Grain products given that they’re made out of a softer sapwood, and not the heartwood used for wood flooring. They react more noticeably to any change in humidity, so reducing the thickness makes them more flexible to these changes. 

These intricate, handmade designs start from £97.50 per m2 and are normally supplied as unfinished, meaning that they can be treated on-site to meet the necessary fire regulations and achieve whatever colour and finish you desire. 

 Please call 01666 504015 for more information on the range of design options available to you. 

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