South Bank Tower Development - London

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Project: South Bank Tower Development - London

South Bank Tower Development - London

We were asked by Johnson Naylor to create a very special colour and finish for this large residential tower just south of Blackfriars Bridge. They did not want a stain board but neither did they want the typical yellow Oak finish. There were also specific requirements for grading  as they did not want dark engineered floors with knots in. In fact they wanted a virtual prime board with a light fumed greyish colour.

Further product information is at the bottom of this Inspiration Gallery.

Apartment living space with wood flooring

After about 25 different samples and processes we ended up with what is being installed now in the apartments and what was installed in the marketing suite. The finish has the latest Raw Timber Oil which means that it does not change the colour of the wood. Fumed Timber will always go darker with any finish except our raw timber oil. This is how we manage to keep the final fumed colour and produce Oak flooring that is unique at competitive prices.

Wood flooring in high-end London apartment

The internal apartments of the tower are being fitted out with the straight boards and the outer curved window apartments are being fitted out with the parquet blocks.

Parquet Wood Flooring in apartment

Initially the specification was for 20mm thick but we were asked to value engineer the flooring to meet new budgetary requirements which we did and the floors are now 15mm thick which is more than adequate as they are being fully bonded to the raised access floor system which has underfloor heating.

Please let us know if we can help both in terms of value engineering and conceptual design

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