Underlays and Floating Wood Floors (not the best method)

There are many misconceptions regarding wood flooring and fitting via the method of floating.  To highlight, wherever possible we recommend you glue the flooring directly to your subfloor (see our guide Wood Flooring Adhesives). 


Floating floors has been the preferred method of fitting for years due to a lack of flexible adhesives on the market. Unfortunately this has set a precedent and lead people to believe that floating wood flooring is still the best/safest fitting method.


We have supplied a large number of developments when floating floors over a concrete screed has been specified. We always run into issues with the subfloor which in turn puts unnecessary stress on the joints of the wooden flooring. This could be easily overcome by fixing the flooring directly to the screed using our recommended adhesive.


When considering fitting methods we recommend that you seek professional advice from the fitter or the manufacturer such as ourselves.  We specify and control the quality of all of our boards and can offer the best advice available as we have no bias.

For more information or to seek professional advice on any aspect of fitting/finishing please call 01666 504015.

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