Unfinished Oak in a Cotswolds Home

Like many people, the owners of this private Cotswold home wanted to keep their oak flooring looking as raw/untreated as possible.  We tried several different finishing products before finding an oil that leaves the floor looking untreated and yet provides one of the toughest finishes available on the market.

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Kitchen with E110 oak flooring

In this property the clients chose our widest board (E110UF) which is 340mm wide with a 6mm thick top layer.  As you can see this oak flooring makes a beautiful dramatic statement. 

country cottage kitchen with wood flooring

By finishing the oak with Environment Rough Timber this oak is now suitable for use in any room of the property including kitchens and bathrooms with little maintenance.  'Rough Timber' has a three coat process and once finished the wood flooring is sealed giving a unique, discreet finish.

unfinished oak flooring in kitchen

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Extra Wide Select Grade Natural White Oak Flooring
Extra Wide Select Grade Natural White Oak Flooring
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