Why you should only use Professional Wood Flooring Fitters

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Project: Why you should only use Professional Wood Flooring Fitters

Quality Wood flooring is for life and we have experienced so many issues where builders use inexperienced trades people especially on herringbone and chevron parquet.

Generally, the cost of the flooring will be double that of the fitting, but one of the most important aspects is how the floor is fitted.

You can see images below of our professional floor fitters who are not only professional but also creative. The stairs and steps have been clad with our engineered herringbone parquet and match perfectly.

Image Image

The detail is in the setting out and installation and you will not find better fitters anywhere in the UK. The herringbone product shown is the TW E924 which is a brushed fumed and finished with a UV cured oil.

The detail shown below is typical of what you can expect if you use our fitters. The importance of “blending” the colour variation in the parquet is also extremely important so that you get the full beauty of the wood where living with nature is so much better than products made with fossil fuels.  

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