Blanchon Natural Soap Colourless

Product Code: 5127107

Blanchon Natural Soap Colourless

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Natural Soap Made with Vegetable Oils Ideal for cleaning oiled timber floors.

Blanchon Natural Soap is to be used as your regular cleaning product for your oiled wood floor (natural oiled, UV Oiled or Enviro/Raw Timber Oiled). Use the colourless product for natural, grey or dark wood flooring and the white version for any white/very light wood flooring.

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Suitable on all oiled wooden floors

In-depth action

Based on vegetable ingredients and enriched with natural oils

Ideal for day-to-day dust-free cleaning

Dust proof

Fresh fragrance

Quick drying

  • UFH
  • Suitable for Under Floor Heating
  • Coverage Estimate
  • Up to 400m2 per Litre (Diluted)
  • Unit Size
  • 1ltr & 5ltr Tubs
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If we don’t have it we can make it for you, subject to minimum quantities OF 500 m2

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