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Herringbone Basket Weave Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood flooring must always be fitted according to BS8201:2011 and wherever possible an experienced wood floor fitter should also be used. This section is for guidance only as site conditions and subfloors will dictate the best method of fitting your floor. If you want your own builder or fitter to install your floor, they must understand that they take on full responsibility for the fitting of the floor and ensuring the subfloor is suitable. For more information or to arrange one of our recommended fitters to visit you, please call 01666 504 015.

Herringbone Basket Weave Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring

Why buy expensive parquet panels when you can use herringbone basket weave from The Solid Wood Flooring Company for 70% less than you would normally pay for say a Versailles Parquet Panel.

You can see in the image below how our high quality profiling machines can machine the tongue and grooves so that they are very precise with a micro bevel of 0.5mm.

Each piece will have a left or right handed tongue and groove. This engineered wood floor can be laid in two ways as below:

Option 1:  Lay in a straight pattern following the walls laterally making sure the walls are perfectly parallel. The image below shows this. In new builds it is normally OK to do this as the rooms should be perfectly square or rectangle. The image below shows the herringbone basket weave in a marketing suite at London Docks. Click on the link below to see the product details.

Option 2: Lay the floor diagonally which means if the walls are not perfectly straight it will not be obvious. The image below shows this in a large house in the London suburbs. Click the image to see the product details.

The TW E931 Brushed Fumed herringbone parquet engineered wood floor laid diagonally used a matching border as the walls were not straight or square.

For the latest pricing and advice on your installation please contact The Solid Wood Flooring Company on 01666 504015

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