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Updated British Standards for Screeds

Subfloors can be troublesome if the correct procedures aren’t followed. This is because; whatever goes on top of the subfloor will be affected by it. Damp or damaged membranes can allow moisture to rise upwards. In any case it is always recommended that you have an experienced wood floor fitting specialist install your floor. The preliminary work they carry out on the suitability of your subfloor is of paramount importance to the longevity of your new wood floor.

Last year (2021), a key British standard for floor laying was revised:

BS EN 1264:2021: is the new standard for water-based surface embedded heating and cooling systems

According to Clause 4.2.4, screeds should now be heated by conditioning & commissioning before any floor finish is laid:

Clause 4.2.4 – Initial heating up of the emission system

Anhydrite screeds shall be heated before the floor coverings are laid. The stability of the screed (e.g., cracks) can be seen after cooling down.

The under-floor heating pipe manufacturer’s instructions should be followed particularly the maximum design temperature which needs to be maintained for a set number of days, or follow the guidelines in the Code of Practice.

The initial heating up is not to be considered a drying cycle of the screed or aimed to make a thermal shock of the screed. The purpose is to condition the screed.

BS 1264 states the process of heating up shall be documented.

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