Launching Solid Wood Floorings New FSC certified Composite Decking

Posted By Solidwood Company

What is composite decking?

A man-made building product made up of a mix of 60% wood fibres, 10% additives and the rest non-VOC HDP, composite decking is known for being low maintenance and more authentic looking than plastic alternatives.

The plastic element of the flooring makes durability one of its strongest features, as well as being more resistant to rot. It offers greater protection from rain and the suns UV rays.

This then leads to low ongoing maintenance costs and requires minimal upkeep. It will not splinter, due to it being made up of wood fibres and not complete wood. Another positive attribute to arise from the make-up of this decking is that is it not prone to termites either.

Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Solid Wood Flooring’s new Composite Decking range.

Buying from The Solid Wood Flooring Company means you are getting a 25-year guarantee, a professional service and a wide range of choice. Available in a wide range of colours and in a ribbed or wood effect- we really can cater to every style and taste.

The decking doesn’t need to be painted or sealed but is still stain resistant. It is also very low maintenance so there truly are many benefits of having composite decking. 

To deliver the best service, we can even match our composite decking to our wood flooring so that the colour is more or less the same from inside to outside. There is also minimum order quantity for our project-based clients. Details  can be found on our composite decking page where you can also order your free sample here.