Luxury On A Budget: The Interior Design Edition

Posted By Solidwood Company

With all the uncertainty in the world at the moment we wanted to do the one thing we can do in times like this. Deliver content to keep you inspired and motivated while we are all in this together.

So on the blog moving forwards we want to continue to share with you what is current and share with you our thoughts. With that in mind we all have now more than ever a greater appreciation of our living space, and with all of us seemingly spending more time at home we wanted you to enjoy some content that might inspire your own interior design journey.

In interior design, much like with architecture, the Art Deco style is all about making a strong statement. Bold geometric patterns with hard angles and an obvious preference for symmetry in design all symbolises the wave of an industry that has transforming the country for decades. Art Deco flourished during the roaring 20s, endured the Depression of the 30s and even the world wars that dictated the 40s. The 50s, gave way to Mid-Century Modern style. However what we are now witnessing is Art Deco experiencing a resurgence. Period pieces and reproductions are fast becoming highly sought after for any Interior Designer.

While we appreciate you may not want your whole home looking like it was straight off The Great Gatsby film set, here at The Solid Wood Flooring Company we can certainly offer you a taste of the Art Deco-style.

So when it comes to the rules for luxury interior design, our first thought was our Art Deco Parquet Panel, and when it comes to budget our pricing is the best in market. Luxury by definition is ‘a state of great comfort or elegance’ so if you are struggling to know where to start with giving your home that luxe feel, then look for further than our high impact, stylish flooring.

Art Deco Interior Design

We like to see all your interior design ideas so if you know how you would style up a room using our flooring, find us on social and let us know.

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