The Solid Wood Flooring Company celebrates 1800 Trees Planted

Posted By Solidwood Company

We’re proud to announce that in association with GoneWest we’ve managed to plant 1800 new trees. This contribution has a direct significant impact to the global mission in reducing our communities carbon footprint, planting a future for your business, and of-course, for the planet!

Sustainable Timber Flooring

Sustainability is in our DNA

The Solid Wood Flooring Company cares considerably about sustainability. That’s why we’ve made it our policy to only source from well-managed, legal and sustainable forests and to be responsible to not only to the environment but also our clients, staff and contractors. We unreservedly condemn illegal logging or sourcing material from deforested regions. Therefore, we never harvest materials from rainforests and will not manufacture some exotic wood species, as sadly so much timber from these areas comes from questionable sources. With modern oiled finishes, we can create a vast choice of colour tones on Oak flooring; so it seems so wasteful that people are still selling flooring that comes from our ever reducing rainforests.

We only manufacture our own wooden flooring and can therefore control the sources of our raw material unlike a large number of our competitors who buy from traders.

We are FSC®️ certified and PEFC™️ certified, with full chain of custody. This means that all our certified flooring can be traced to the responsibly managed forest where it was harvested. This is just one of the ways we ensure all our products are sustainably sourced.

We are proud to be part of the “Gone West” mission of planting long term forest in England. Our commitment is to plant 4,000 (four thousand) new Oak trees every year, and if we use approximately 1,000 Oak trees every year for our Oak Wood Flooring it means we are planting 3 new trees for every mature tree we cut down.

Learn more about our partnership with GoneWest and the incredible work we aim to achieve by working together here

You can order free samples from our wide range of sustainable timber flooring here.