With the continual increase in demand for modern wood flooring, consumers and trade are turning more and more to parquet flooring to match their wants and needs.

The idea behind this style of flooring simply stems from the variation of designs possible, which can be created depending on your preference – offering you, a truly unique floor pattern. Designs, such as herringbone, weave patterns; square blocks and chevrons are all available.

This traditional style wood flooring, with a modern and elegant twist, has seen more and more interest throughout 2017, with both businesses and homeowners looking to liven up their space. Parquet flooring has the ability to excite and add sophistication to any room, particularly medium to large sized spaces.

Our parquet wood flooring range is available in three different types; engineered block, solid block and engineered panels; so our team of experts can manufacture your perfect flooring to match your exact needs based on the given specification – perfect for architects, designers, and developers.

A particular popular parquet style flooring of 2017 is fumed oak, which offers a stylish yet authentic look. However, we also offer a very diverse parquet flooring range to help match your preference, including a selection of colours, shades and finishes which all oblige to British National Standards – we even have full specification documentation for our floors.

Here at The Solid Wood Flooring Company, we offer the highest quality parquet flooring for all kinds of spaces. All of our wood is fully certified as being sourced from sustainable forests. We are also very proud to have received top marks from the WWF-UK for our use of sustainable timber.

We are proud to say that we manufacture our wood flooring, meaning you wont find our products anywhere else!

To find out more about our parquet flooring, or to order a free sample; please contact our friendly experts on 01666 504015, or alternatively email us info@thesolidwoodflooringcompany.com.