It’s Just like laying any other floor isn’t it?

Not quite. When issues occur with herringbone flooring it can generally be traced back to not setting the crown line correctly. This can be due to the fact that there can sometimes be a lack of experience or precision when completing the job.

A consequence of this issue could be that the pattern of the flooring could be misshapen, having a detrimental effect on the aesthetic of you floor – leaving it looking unsightly. This then leads to increased wastage if the uneven pattern is trying to be fixed, which is both costly and bad for the environment.

The worst-case scenario can be that the flooring has to be replaced completely. Depending on the scale of the issue, this could be costly in both time and money.

At The Solid Wood Flooring Company, we appreciate the importance of a job well done, as well as knowing that using the best quality product is key to getting the finish you desire. 

That is why we make sure to provide the highest quality of herringbone parquet flooring, which can be continued throughout your home and can even be used on stairs. Also, because the blocks of wood are small and do not expand like solid wood, they can be used in doorways to avoid them having cheap or ugly looking profiles.

We also offer advice on treatment and care of our flooring. We want to pass on the industry knowledge and expertise we have gained in our 15 years as a supplier. We have recommended fitters and installers that are an accredited team who quote independently for their work and installation.