Recently we have added more information onto our website regarding the colouring of wood floors and in particular, oak flooring.

Here at the Solid Wood Flooring Company, we have a commitment to manufacturing high quality wood flooring that is environmentally friendly and from sustainable sources – Hence we don’t use harmful chemicals when colouring wood flooring.

Instead we use Active Stains, Water Based Stains, Timberex Aqua Finishes, Fuming and Smoking, Carbonising and Coloured Oils. Visit our Architects and Designers section for an explanation of each method and what they do to the wood flooring.

We can even use a combination of the above methods to create your perfect wood flooring. See our Inspiration Gallery for some of our very best coloured wood floors.

When designing colours to match interiors we advise you to send us the veneer colour you want and we can then select the best raw material to achieve a matching colour using any of the above methods.
We are continually developing ways of treating our engineered oak floors and are confident that we can create whatever you need. Please contact our experts on 01666504015 or email us at: