Illegal logging has fierce detrimental impacts on our forests all around the world. It derives from when timber is harvested, transported, processed bought or solid in violation of national or sub-national laws. This often results in the loss or degradation of forests, which can cause serious harm to habitats and biodiversity. Moreover, the survival of some of the world’s most endangered primates, in the Siberian tiger and Indonesian Orang-utan are being further put in jeopardy through negligent illegal logging.

Recent news from Sau Paulo, Brazil has seen local police seize over 400 timber containers into an investigation for illegal logging. The suspected crime is said to have taken place in the country’s vast Amazon.

Police have begun the investigation, having currently inspected 20% of the total containers, finding logs that if were to be laid in a straight line, they would stretch for 1,500km. This kind of activity is a widely recognised problem, which the nation is seeking to cut down on the widespread practice. About half of the logs were already bound, ready for export to the United States or Europe, the police said.

Brazil has had mixed success in recent years, with regards to preventing this highly illegal act – with experts saying that it also important to try and combat to help curb global warming.

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