One of the busiest places in any hotel or restaurant is the bar area, so it’s really important you offer an inviting and welcoming space for guests to relax and unwind in.

Not only is wood flooring a floor covering that can withstand high amounts of foot traffic, but it also offers a timeless elegance to any room. 

Does Your Venue Have A Theme?

This is a great opportunity to make your bar or restaurant really unique and stand out. For example, a rural hotel would look great with a rustic-themed bar with lots of wooden features. 

The tables, chairs and even the bar could all be made from wood, whilst a fumed oak flooring could really complete the look. Having a theme could really make your bar stand out compared to others in the local area.

Not only is wood flooring a cinch to keep clean, it’s also a hardwearing, timeless option that can survive changes in fashion and certain styles (such as parquet flooring) even come back into fashion- not that it was ever out of fashion!

We’ll send out one of our experts directly to you and they’ll be able to assess your hotel/bar/restaurant in terms of environment and scope it in terms of size. 

At The Solid Wood Flooring Company, we’ve supplied and fitted numerous floors in a number of establishments, but understand that every space is different. That’s why we offer a free surveying service.