Here at the Solid Wood Flooring Company, we are delighted to have been awarded top marks from WWF UK for our sustainable wood sourcing efforts and environmental policies.

The WWF’s Timber scorecard sees companies rated for performance on using sustainable timber and timber products.

To raise awareness of the importance in tackling this agenda, and securing timber and timber products from responsible sources, the WWF are measuring the progress of timber and timber product buyers in the UK on sustainable sourcing.

The business community can play a vital role in ensuring forest resources are well-managed. Sustainable forest management can help redress some of the most severe problems affecting forests, such as deforestation. The use of recycled and reclaimed timber and wood fibres also makes a major contribution to consuming more wisely – and equitably, now and in the future.

We were awarded top marks of 3 trees – (a apt rating marker!)

By gaining three trees, the WWF found that The Solid Wood Flooring Company responded well to almost all of the requests WWF made regarding the purchasing of timber and timber products. We have made public commitments to using FSC and recycled timber and timber products, and to EUTR compliance, and have set up policies and control systems. The WWF’s found we report quantities openly and accurately and have a good understanding of the source of all our timber and timber products.

We are sourcing over 70% certified material, with high proportions of FSC and recycled timber and timber products. The Solid Wood Flooring Company are showing our competitors that it is possible to act responsibly when it comes to forest trade – but even we will need to find ways to do more to fulfil our targets by 2020.

We are delighted with the findings and are proud to support the WWF’s Save the Forests Campaign.

For more information on our Sustainability processes, FSC, PEPC and WWF Certifications, please visit our Architects section.