Bespoke Oak Versailles Parquet Flooring

Project Details

Project: Belvedere Penthouse, South Bank Place

Client: Canary Wharf Group Plc

Architect/Designer: Goddard Littlefair

Main Contractor: Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd

Fit-Out Sub Contractor: SJ Eastern Joinery

Finishing Completed by: BRB Wood Flooring Services

For the beautiful penthouse atop one of the buildings in South Bank Place, located next to the London Eye, the designers wanted a feature floor with a bespoke colour finish.  We worked with the designers at Goddard Littlefair and decided on the timeless design of the Versailles parquet pattern.  The designers wanted a show-stopping colour for this floor.  We created the Belvedere colour finish; using a mixture of fumed,  European Oak and pigmented hard wax oils to create a dark colour tone with red and golden highlights.

To ensure a uniform and quick installation on site; we creating metre square panels with the Solid Oak Versailles pattern positioned by hand onto Birch plywood backing. Having discussed the fit-out process in detail with the fit-out team from SJ Eastern Joinery, we grooved all four sides of the panel and supplied the tongues loose. This gave the fitters flexibility to lay the boards as they saw fit on site.  Once we had assembled the panels, the bespoke colour finish was applied; after completing multiple coats the panels were stored to fully cure and harden.


Once the team from SJ Eastern had fitted the flooring on site, they protected it with a soft breathable cover and topped that with hardboard and taped the edges.  This allowed the other trades to snag without damaging the floor.  Once snagging was complete, the floor protection was removed.  As anyone who has been on a building site knows, dust and debris are everywhere and sure enough the flooring needed a final clean and buff with oil to increase the lustre and make it perfect for the wow factor needed in such a stunning project.

The expert team lead by Bardhyl Miskiqi of BRB Flooring came in and cleaned the floor thoroughly, removing plaster dust and other debris by vacuum and cleaning the floor down using a solution of Blanchon Natural Soap and hot water.  Once the floor was suitably clean, they applied Blanchon Hard Wax Oil Satin on to the floor and buffed a coat into the floor using a buffing machine equipped with a white buffing pad.  This fed the Oak another coat of oil which bolsters the protection against every day use and increased the lustre of the wood highlighting all the colours from that bespoke colour that had been applied at the factory.

Once the oil was properly buffed in, the penthouse door was closed and the floor left to dry and cure.  Once curing had completed the furniture was placed in the room and made ready for viewing by the client and new owner and a lifetime of happy memories.

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