How to Clean a really grubby dirty Brushed and UV Oiled Oak Floor

How to Clean a really grubby dirty Brushed and UV Oiled Oak Floor

How to Clean a really grubby dirty Brushed and UV Oiled Oak Floor

Cleaning a brushed UV Oiled Floor: 
1 - Thoroughly sweep and vacuum the floor (use the brush attachment/setting on your vacuum cleaner).

2 - Get two large buckets and fill both to two-thirds of the way up with very hot water. Add the Blanchon Natural Soap. Blanchon Natural Soap to one bucket using a mix of 100-200ml of soap to 5 litres of hot water, depending on how dirty your floor is. The other bucket will be for rinsing

3. Make sure you have a clean sponge on squeezy floor mop, then soak it in the hot water bucket containing the natural soap solution, swirl it around to get as much soap into the sponge as possible. Squeeze as much water as possible out of the mop, then clean between 0.5m2 – 1m2 or less per rinse, depending on how dirty the floor is. It is important to not over-wet the floor. The condition of the floor will become noticeable after the first few boards are cleaned, and this will make it easier to know how often to rinse the sponge. Remember to clean down the grain of the boards rather than across them.

4 - Leave floor to dry completely. This usually takes 20 minutes to one hour depending on room conditions.

buffing machine buffing oil into floor

To Re-Oil a brushed UV Oiled Floor:
If your floor is easily marking it’s likely you need to apply some more oil.  This is a simple procedure which is outlined below:

1 – Clean the floor as per the instructions above.

2- Once the floor has dried, apply a single coat of Blanchon Maintenance Oil and buff it in. Get a small container, pour a little oil into it from the Maintenance Oil container, and apply to the floor. If you pour the oil straight from the larger container you will risk having excess oil on the floor, which is a waste and also risks saturating the floor in too much oil for it to absorb.

3- For best results, we recommend use a buffing machine with a white or beige buffing pad. You can work the oil in by hand using a lint-free cloth, though this can take significant effort and can be tricky to complete over a large area before the oil goes tacky. Use a similar lint-free cloth to work the edges of the room that the buffing machine will miss. Tip – If you cannot use a buffing machine you can complete step 2 by working the oil in using a Bona Telescopic Mop with the Applicator Pad accessory; this method will give a more matt finish than buffing.

4- As soon as you have applied a little oil you should spread it and work it into the board. It is not recommended to oil the entire floor and then buff it all in afterwards, as this can leave time for some parts of the floor to go tacky.

5- Once the oil is fully worked in, leave the product to dry for the manufacturer's recommended time.

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