Impervia Luxury Flooring Tiles for Kitchens

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Project: Impervia Luxury Flooring Tiles for Kitchens

Impervia Luxury Flooring is perfect for a modern kitchen. The Terrazzo Grey Stone Tiles used here blends perfectly with the kitchen units and décor.
It is also softer to walk on then real stone but looks the same. The images shown are actual client’s rooms.

The tiles are 300mm x 600m x 6.5mm thick and can be laid over an existing flat floor even if it is old Marley tiles or stone without glue or any
other material.


You can use the tiles for any area especially bathrooms as it is waterproof and will not be affected by water. You can see the durability of Impervia here

You can also fit Impervia planks in a bathroom if the design looks better. Please use our room viewer tool to help you decide what would be the best option.

Instructions for our room visualiser toolYou can use the existing room views we have or add your own. Take a picture of your room and download or add one from our library on to your own computer, tablet or phone, and then add the image. Once done you can keep changing floors and rotate the view.   

Image Library: Once you select the image click download to add it to your device. Make sure you know where it so that when you click the “add your Room” option you can easily find it.

Room Visualiser available here

Please remember images and colours may not be accurate as it will depend on the screen you are using and the resolution. Take the image you see as a guide only to get an idea of how the floor will look.


The bathroom shows the natural Oak fitted in plank format. It fits in with the décor of the bathroom. Do not feel restricted in what you can do with the flooring options we supply.

Call 01666 504015 for more information and order free samples here.

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