What is a PEFC™ certification?

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More and more companies along the timber value chain are looking to demonstrate that the materials they are using come from legal and sustainable sources. 

Some are doing so in response to legislation and regulatory requirements, others realize the benefits of delivering sustainability assurances on products to address environmental, social and ethical concerns. So when it comes to making sure you are recognised as an environmentally friendly supplier, The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™) is the best place to start. 

We found this direct quote from the PEFC™ website an interesting thought on the current feeling within the marketplace on sustainability: 

“Ethical consumption is on the rise, as market research has repeatedly shown over the past years. Certification allows you and your customers to use the PEFC label, and an overwhelming majority of consumers globally - more than 80% - want companies to use labels on products, according to the first PEFC/GfK Global Consumer Survey. 30% of all consumers said that they actively look for forest certification labels, with the PEFC™ label being the most trusted global forest certification label.” 

There is also, according to PEFC, a growing number of companies keen to see proof of sustainability from their suppliers, with influential business associations like the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) encouraging companies to work with suppliers who have a certification such as PEFC. By being certified, we are demonstrating a commitment to conserving biodiversity, curbing deforestation, and acting socially responsible, which are all of great importance to us, as we want to pass on reassurance to anyone who works with us that they .

At The Solid Wood Flooring Company we went out of our way to ensure we are PEFC™ certified and believe in the value of this certification irrespective of whether there is any legislation in place. This is a certification recognised on a global scale, and an example of one of our products that falls under this bracket and we would highly recommend is our End Grain Mosaic Oak Flooring for any commercial projects. It does not encounter the same issues with absorbing moisture and the converse reaction due to the ends of the fibres of the tree that feed it during its growth being open

If you want to find out more about what we do for the environment, we have an environmental policy, and you can also visit the PEFC website directly.

You can contact us today to get help with your project big or small, safe in the knowledge you are using a PEFC certified supplier. We’re also FSC® certified, so you can learn more about our work with the Forest Stewardship Commission by visiting their website directly.

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