Light Oak Flooring

FSC® Certified

Our range of light oak floors have been specially selected. As oak naturally gives you gentle colour variation its difficult to have a purely light floor. However, clean (non-knotty) boards such as our AB or ABC select graded oak flooring gives you more lighter shades without losing the beauty of a real oak floor.


If we don’t have it we can make it for you, subject to minimum quantities OF 500 m2

Light Oak wood flooring Is created in many way and some examples are listed below. To get the best light oak floors we use American White Oak which is Quercus Alba comes from the Appalachian Mountains in the USA. However, the best is Quercus Mongolica from north east Asia as it is pure white with very few knots. If you use Quercus Robur or Quercus Patraea you will never get a clean looking pure white oak floor

Natural Light Oak Floors: Oak contains tannins that will react with any lacquer to go that yellow colour that is traditional to Oak. If you want to keep the natural looking “white oak colour” then Bona have what they call a “natural” finish that hardly changes the colour and there are also other treatments that can be applied before the final finish to keep the natural oak colour. Blanchon have there Enviro range of treatments and finishes that will keep the board looking unfinished.

Light Fuming Oak Floors: To create light oak floors using fuming the top layer is only introduced for about 4 hours to just slightly alter the tannins in the Oak. This creates a “greyish” tone and we then use coloured oils and special treatments to finish this off.

Stained Oak Flooring We can create a pure white floor using Blanchon Products and finally finish with extra white hard wax oil. There are also white coloured lacquers available from Bona.

White Coloured Oil Oak Flooring: To create white floors we use coloured oils that contain white pigment’s, for the other colours we use the multitude of solid oil colours available by Blanchon as they are the best in the market.

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