Technical Library for Hard Wood Flooring

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Technical Library for Hard Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring Technical Library

Welcome to our Technical Library. The library is a collection of all the wood flooring technical data, useful documents, PDFs and certificates that our experts have produced for Trade Professionals who are thinking about a wood flooring project. Please feel free to print a copy or share anything useful with colleagues.

Should you need anything else, please also visit our Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Developers pages or call our friendly team of experts on 01666 504015

Certificates for Sustainable Wood Flooring

We are very proactive regarding sustainability and using nature’s answers to our environment. Young trees remove three times more carbon from our atmosphere than old trees so it makes sense to use as much timber as possible in our construction so that new trees can be planted. As long as timber comes from sustainable sources we know that at least three trees will be planted for every old one cut down. Visit our Certification FSC PEFC RPP page

Satra Test Results for Wood Flooring Slip Resistance

We ensure that all our wood floor finishes are tested for slip resistance as this is an extremely important issue when considering Health and Safety Issues. As we specialise in commercial projects and retail branding you can be guaranteed that these certificates relate to each of our finishes in independent test according to British Standards. Currently there is no specific health and safety or legal requirement to specify slip resistance requirements on floors installed in residential units or homes.

Type Testing Results for Wood Flooring and Types of Finish

Timber has many qualities and the certificates and testing documents here show its main properties which will help when specifying timber for construction projects.

Understanding Wood and it's properties

This section has documents to try and explain how wood reacts to its local environment to ensure that anyone who uses it, for whatever purpose, understands the impact of the local environment and conditions.

Wood Flooring Manufacturing, Fuming Wood Floors and Finishing Processes

This section has documents to try and explain the different processes used to manufacture and finish wood flooring. Here at the Solid Wood Flooring Company we have a team of expert craftsmen who use these same processes producing wood flooring every day. Visit our Manufacturing Processes page.

Screeds and Site Conditions required for Wood Flooring

Good clean site conditions are crucial when installing wood flooring in any development but especially large tower blocks and other commercial installations. There will be so many different trades who are not cohesive that a wood floor will easily get destroyed if a site is not kept clean. The documents below which can be printed off are for help and guidance on things to avoid. We have tried to keep this as simple as possible and any feedback will be appreciated. The fewer trades who are contracted as main sub-contractors the better, there may be a small cost increase but the saving in the long term will be immense. Visit our Advice page here

Wood Floor Installation Guides

These guides are for information only and are produced to assist you in seeing whoever you have asked to fit your floor is professional. We have too many horror stories to tell where “jobbing” builders are used without any planning or assessment of subfloors and the environment. We are here to help so please call us or send an email. We do have specialist fitters available if required. Visit our Fitting Wood Floors page.

Chevron and Herringbone Parquet Fitting Guides & Advice

The documents found in this section have been brought together to help all our clients understand the issues surrounding professional installation of parquet flooring which is a specialist area in its own right. Installers of parquet blocks need different skills than those that fit normal planks. These documents are based on our years of experience in supplying and fitting parquet floors. For further advice please call us on 01666 504015. Visit our Fitting Wood Floors page.

Wood Flooring Grading and Specifications

Everyone seems to have different methods of grading wood floors and what we have tried to do here is explain in simple terms along with images what each grade means.  White Oak differs from European Oak, and Oak grown in the north of the northern hemisphere will differ from the Oak grown in the south of France for example. Visit our Specifications and Grading page. Prime Grade clean material that is FSC 100% is become very difficult to source and we have upgraded our grading documents accordingly.

Subfloors for Wood Flooring and Remedial Work Advice

Subfloors are the foundation of any wood floor and it is crucial that all aspects are fully understood and advice taken to prevent future disasters. Visit our Sub floors page 

How to Get The Perfect Level Floor

Underfloor Heating with Wood Floors

There are numerous systems available now with companies bringing out new products every month. The Romans used Underfloor Heating in Britain centuries ago and it is now one of the most popular heating systems used. It is imperative to have the correct controls in place whatever you are going to finish your floor with. The documents here offer guidance and advice but do not recommend any particular system. Visit our Under Floor Heating page. 

General Information on Timber Flooring

As the title dictates, we are here to help and the tiles below may be relevant to some of your questions, however always feel free to call our team of experts on 01666 504015. Visit our Advice page.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Wood Floors

It is imperative that you give your wood floor the best chance to last a lifetime by using the correct products to clean and maintain. Using cheap supermarket products supposedly for wood floors is not advisable as they have no idea of the finish that has been applied. Only use what the professionals use and call for advice or buy online here

Product innovation

As manufacturers, here at the Solid Wood Flooring Company, our expert team of craftsmen are constantly creating new wooden flooring that not only follows the latest trends, but creates them.