Avoid Potential Underfloor Heating Problems with Wood Floors

Posted By Solidwood Company

We have extensively researched the market and this article is to help you when considering the installation of underfloor heating (UFH). Wooden flooring is the best material to install on top of any system due to it warm feel and thermal properties.

With a wooden floor in the perfect world the UFH system should always be left on even at a low temperature. Wood is a living material even after it is cut down, kiln dried and processed. The cellular structure will always react to its local environment and if you are kind to your floor it will be kind to you.  Remember paper is made from wood and when it gets wet it is soggy and yet you can dry it our again but it never has the same characteristics.

If you turn off the UFH system then the boards will become cold and if left for some time in winter or summer when the air is humid the wooden floor will pick up moisture. When the heating is then turned back the environment the wood is in will change dramatically and it can cause stress within the board, just like when we go into a hot tub in freezing weather. 

Most of the problems associated with wooden floors and UFH come from the following conditions:

    *      Dramatic changes in the surface temperature
    *      Hot spots
    *      Lack of heat distribution
    *      High humidity in the room
    *      Operating the heating above a surface temperature of 27 degrees
    *      Cleaning the floor with water

If any of the above applies you can get the following wooden flooring reactions

    *       Warped boards
    *       Engineered flooring that will delaminate, this is the top layer coming off gaps appearing
    *       If not fitted correctly you will also find the whole floor lifting
    *      Lack of effective heat transference through the flooring

How to ensure you do not get problems

    *      Always use a professional UFH installer
    *      Ensure you have the right system to achieve what you want see some tips here
    *      Never buy cheap engineered flooring
    *      Never install solid wood flooring
    *      Always use the best adhesives to glue the wooden flooring to the screed such as the Bona R850 which has been designed for wooden floor with UFH
    *      If you want an electric system then you must follow the manufacturer€™s installation requirements and make sure you do not get hot spots, some cheap systems will cause this.
    *      Hot Spots occur where there is no effective reflector plates that spread the heat or where the screed is too thin
    *      Always leave the UFH system on and do not increase or decrease temperature excessively
    *      You must clean the wooden floor with the appropriate maintenance kits and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions

 Please see more details about UFH by clicking this link http://www.uhma.org.uk/